The rockstar game services are unavailable right now ps4 2020

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the rockstar game services are unavailable right now ps4 2020

The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline. We have tried pinging Rockstar Games website using our server and the website returned the above results.

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Rockstar Games Website Name:. Response Time:. Last Down:. Checking Rockstar Games. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can check back later. Rating 2.See if Rockstar Games is down or having service issues today.

The Rockstar Game Services Are Unavailable Right Now Xbox One

Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Also don't post any of your personal information. RockstarSupport I was grinding on 3x money motor wars for hours and never got any money or levels. I play on pc. RockstarSupport where the hell do I submit a ticket or email the support?

The Rockstar Game Services Are Unavailable Right Now Ps4 2019

This rockstar seems to be the shittiest in customer service. RockstarSupport i cant log on to online it keeps saying it cant find game files i followed the steps you gave and it wont work. RockstarGames please fix the servers and the bugs for red dead online I really love this game and want to play it without all these issues.

Oh my god. Stop getting me attacked to Rockstar!

the rockstar game services are unavailable right now ps4 2020

Is something wrong with me? RockstarGames I'm having a problem with my bunker, I can't acess my bunker. RockstarSupport cant open red dead 2 on pc, something about the server. RockstarGames need immediate help! My nightclub has stopped accruing products.

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Needs fixing. RockstarSupport please rockstar i've been having this since yesterday, how to fix this. RockstarGames are the services down atm??

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Because I'm getting a message saying that it can't load my saved files. RockstarGames is the servers down for red dead.GTA V or GTA 5 as everyone calls it will have problems now and then, the game by Rockstar Games includes both single player offline and online mode with multiplayer, and people do have issues. As we all know regular patch updates, maintenance, new features and enhancements to the game are always occurring.

Because of these update there could be teething problems, worst-case scenario is when the servers completely go down and GTA 5 Online problems happen. GTA 5 online going down on the likes of the PS3, PS4, XboxXbox One, PC etc will most definitely upset players and this is where people can come and share their problems with us as well as sharing with others.

Please do report if you have any issues with the game with your problem and location. The Rockstar game services are not available right now. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later. The GTA Online session is having trouble syncing important catalogue data with the server. Unable to load saved data for Character 1 and 2, the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable right now. I just had an error because i left gta online open all night by accident so it wouldnt let me back on but its working now.

Down in Hawaii, USA or as we think it is. Had friend on a local ps3 to confirm and he alao had same problem. Hello rockstar look so i live in usa so I have two consoles one is ps4 and ps3 so I was going to hop on gta online on the ps3 then something pop out saying timed out locating session. I do not think Rockstar should ever come out with GTA VI until they can sort their servers out — I am always being kicked off during a mission.

Rockstar services unavailable please return to gta online. Whenever I load a job or a heist. So I can get online but cant do missions etc. Please return to Grand Theft Auto V. How long are they planned to be down? It was working for a bit yesterday now it just keeps saying timed out locating session. Right i would use a vpn Luke if hard wired i use hughsnet it works fine no interuptions and i use a slow connection just get a vpn express vpn is costly but i highly reccomend for xfinity or comcast users and centrylink thats for sure the all have loaded servers.

No, they are just patching stuff, fixing glitches and other issues. Lmao you try fixing it. So stop acting so childish, the servers will be back up soon.

Come find me and join my Crew.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Vossler View Profile View Posts. Rockstar Support Issue. I had read in one of this threaths that a lot of people is having this error when trying almost every single heist, race or mission you try to join or host.

I have it too, and cause of that i tried to send Rockstar a ticket on his support page. Well, the page where you are supossed to fill the form for the ticket is not loagding for me. I tried with Edge and Chrome with plugins and extension active or disabled, and nothing happens. It keeps on the Rockstar logo, loading. Someone can tell me if it works to you? Last edited by Vossler ; 27 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments.

I'll give it a try myself and see if I can get a live chat or submit a ticket. Originally posted by Caped Crusader :.

Yeah, something is definitely off with the support site. I'm there now and clicked the submit request link, but then it pulls up the page where the form is supposed to be, but the animated rockstar logo just loops and loops. I tried with Chrome and Opera, same result. It was also working fine for me in Chrome a few days ago, at least when I replied to an older ticket about a bug in transform races.

Last edited by Caped Crusader ; 27 Sep, am. The form loaded up finally and now I'm on the waiting list for a live chat. They seem to know something is up.

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After waiting in the queue for live chat for about a minute I got kicked off that and a message displayed saying that the ticket had been submitted as a text one and will be replied to later. I guess it's good that they are aware of this, but who knows when it'll be fixed.

the rockstar game services are unavailable right now ps4 2020

February View Profile View Posts.A new spike in error reports have been appearing online, suggesting that GTA 5 is down again on PS4 and other platforms.

The outage has been ongoing for some, although this appears to be more to do with a surge in players accessing the game. Everyone is suddenly rushing back to play GTA Online. Following the launch of the Casino DLC, there was a surge of returning players updating their games. Coupled with the new update release and content being launched in connection with the Casino, it would make sense that Rockstar Servers would come under added strain.

And as anyone who has been playing GTA Online for a while will know, getting stuck in the clouds above Los Santos is never a good sign. The latest support message from Rockstar Games is in connection with a Twitch Prime offer, adding: "If you previously completed your sign up and the Master Penthouse is not showing as free, you can purchase the Master Penthouse and receive a rebate for the base price no additions within 48 hours.

GTA 5 Online Casino update 1.If there is any problems with GTA Online and its servers, we will publish updates on this page from the community and official statements. I keep on gettin this alert message saying unable to connect to game session and there are no fixes i could find. I was playing it fine yesterday and logged out correctly so I have no idea what the problem is.

Anyone got the same problem? Keep getting game servers are down when launching into a mission. The has happened with deadline and heists. Also getting error that cannot save due to the game servers being down. At first I thought it was my internet but it works fine. Really hoping the fix it soon. Any maint. Can you help me out? Waste of my time for this to keep happening. I regret buying it.

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Stabilize your servers for the rest of people who still tolerate their free time being wasted. Seems like most of them are having to hack money in anyways and maybe they deserve it at this point. I just bought that 7-disc physical copy and I install every one of them. I was playing fine. My friends are still playing. I had to get off for a few minutes when o got back on it tells me the cloud servers are unavailable or it cant download rockstar game data at this time something lame.

Help I have 3 boys very eager to play and only 1 is able too…. Rockstar game service unavailable. Hi anonymous had been 6 Months already your postthe issue already solve?

How did you fix it? Because i have same issue as you mentioned since yesterday.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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Store Page. Global Achievements. Very annoying glitch or whatever and i want to know how to fix it!

the rockstar game services are unavailable right now ps4 2020

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Bismarck View Profile View Posts. Me too! I already played after patch then i come back and doesn't work!!!

I don't have it on steam but on Social Club, I can't play even the single player! I even reinstalled the game and didn't help, reset my router ip and ipv4 and nothing! Last edited by FusioN ; 14 Jun, pm. Originally posted by FusioN :. Originally posted by ubullet :. EDIT: Connected with no problems. Last edited by ubullet ; 14 Jun, pm. Last edited by Bismarck ; 14 Jun, pm. Originally posted by Free Haircuts :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 14 Jun, am.


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